How it works:

The global calendar allows a user to see the tasks on which he is the owner or a guest.

Steps to follow:

1 - Click on.

2 - Select the desired division with the scroll down menunext to the dealership name in the upper right hand corner.

  • Directors have access to other advisors' calendar through the scroll down menu which can be found just under the dealership's name in the upper right hand corner.

3 - Click on a task. 

  • Only directors and the task's owner may modify it.

4 - It is possible to hide or show completed tasks with thebutton in the upper right hand side.

5 - The calendar view may be changed with thebutton. To switch between the calendar months, weeks and days, click on.

  • Thebutton allows you to return to today's date.

6 - Thebutton allows you to create a new task.

7 - Theicon allows you to hide or show certain types of tasks.