Steps to follow:

1 - Access your NioText account.

2 - Click on your name in the upper right hand corner.

3 - Click on.

  • The settings are split in two sections; account settings and user settings.

Account settings:

The settings affect all users in the account.


This section allows you to create message templates. See: Create message templates.

User settings:

These settings affect only your user.


Allows you to modify basic user settings: First & last name, Email, Language, Timezone and Password.

  • The email is also used to connect the user to NioText.
  • The timezone has an impact on several application features.


Allows you to chose the user's notification preferences: on screen and/or by email.

  • On screen is selected by default.

Automated messages:

Allows you to modify the messages sent automatically after mass mailings.

  • Unsubscribe Message: It is important to have an unsubscribe message to comply with the anti-spam law.
  • Confirmation message: Allows the customer to know what to answer in order to confirm / cancel their appointment.