Steps to follow:

1 - Log into your Niotext account.

2 - Click on your name on the upper right hand corner.

3 - Click on.

4 - Click on "Templates".

  • Two sections can be found; "Categories" and "Templates".


This section allows you to create multiple categories to group your templates.

To create a category: 

1 - Click onat the right of "Categories". 

2 - Entrer the category's name. 

3 - Click on "Save".


This section allows you to create your templates.

To create a template:

1 - Click on at the right of "Messages". 

2 - Select a previously created category.

3 - Enter the template's name and type your message. 

  • When composing your message, you can integrate attributes that can be found on the right of the screen. The purpose of these attributes is to automatically integrate information. For example, the { Dealer - Name } attribute will automatically show your dealership's name. 
  • There is also an "English" tab in order to create an english template. It is possible to preview your template at the bottom of the window.

4 - Click on "Save".

Below is a template example.