Authorized roles: Directors and BDC Directors (The option must be checked in the user profile)

Steps to follow:

1 - Go into themodule in the gray section on the left.

2 - Click on.

3 - Select the file to import.

  • Only CSV type files can be imported.
  • It is important for your file's data to be in the correct format before importing. To see the required data format, click on the gray dot next to "Select the CSV file to import". A window will open with the required file's data formats. It is required to follow these formats.

4 - Select the delimiter.

  • For CSV type files, the delimiter is generally a comma. To know the delimiter, open your file and verify what character separates your columns.

5 - Click on "Next step".

6 - Select the type of lead to use.

  • The lead type will indicate in which module the lead will be created in.
  • SMS type leads will be created in the Lead Xpress module.

7 - Select the desired import rule; Merge or Create.

  • Create: Will associate leads sharing at least two identical information: name, phone number and email.
  • Merge: Will merge leads sharing at least two identical information: name, phone number and email. 

8 - Associate the file's columns to a customer card field by selecting the required dropdown menu and matching it with the correct file's column.

  • Fields accompanied by a red asterisk must be associated to a column in your file.

9 - Verify the result at the bottom of the page. 

10 - Click on "Save".

  • The import will start. The duration of the import may vary depending on the file size. An import may take several hours for files containing thousands of leads

11 - The import is completed when a date and time appears in the "Finished at" column.

  • Your import will not be available to others until the checkbox on the right is checked.

12 - Validate your import by comparing the number in the "Processed" column and the number of rows containing data in your file

13 - Verify the imported data by accessing leads that were part of your file.

  • If a piece of data has not been imported correctly, it will be found in the notes at the bottom of the customer card preceded by the term "[import]".

14 - If the import seems correct, check the checkbox next to your import in the "Import" module to finalize the process.