Lead Xpress:

A "Lead Xpress" type customer is a lead that is generated from the web.

  • For the proper functioning of the "Lead Xpress" module, make sure to have Activix support create redirection emails and provide them to the appropriate medias. (Trader, Kijiji, D2C média, CarGurus...etc.) 

How it works:

1 - A web lead is generated in Activix CRM.

2 - The system creates a customer card in the "Lead Xpress" module.

3 - The customer card can be viewed and modified by the BDC Agent and advisors. Access to a customer card modification depends on the user's profile options. Accesses can be modified by a director or by Activix support.


Statistics boards can be viewed directly in the "Lead Xpress" module by clicking the "+" on the right of "Graphics" and "Leads by advisor" sections. These boards are affected by the date selected in the upper right hand corner and by the filters in the "Leads" board.