How it works:

At the beginning of the month, set goals for every BDC agent and compare the results from the activity report at the end of the month.

Steps to follow:

1 - Click on the arrow next to the "Activity report" module.

2 - Click on the "Objectives" section.

3 - Select the month from the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner.

4 - Enter the objectives for each of the BDC agents in the columns "Phone-up", "Walk-in not sold", "Web Client" and "Renewal".

5 - Click on the "Activity Report" section.

Activity Report:

1 - Select a date range in the upper right hand corner. You can also choose to show only BDC agents or only advisors by clicking on the headset.

2 - The boards will display the statistics based on the selected date range.

3 - The first board "Results by agent" displays the number of actions done in different sections in the CRM.

  • It is important to note that the "Total Activities" column adds up the previous four columns only.

4 - The five boards at the bottom of the "Activity Report" section show the actions done in "Phone-up", "Walk-in not sold", "Web Client" and "Client renewal". "Total Activities" adds up all the actions made from the four boards.

  • Note that the "Objective" columns of these five boards will only show results if you click on the headset to show BDC agents because the "Objectives" section that you previously filled in only contains BDC agents.