A phone-up is an incoming call that goes through the Activix system. When a call comes in this way, it is recorded and saved in a customer card.

How it works:

1 - Configure your CRM account and the user profiles for incoming calls (Phone-up).

  • Enter a valid phone number in in the CRM account and in the user profiles. (If there is more than one phone number, make sure "Phone-up" is checked for at least one of them)
  • Advisors must be in the Phone-up flow for the appropriate division.
  • Advisors must be in the schedule for the appropriate division.

2 - A call comes into the system and is answered.

3 - The system creates a phone-up type customer card including the audio of the call and assigns it to the advisor which took the call.

4 - The card can be viewed and modified from the "Phone-up" module. The audio can also be listened directly from the "Leads" board under the "Audio" column.


Statistics boards can be viewed directly in the "Phone-up" module by clicking the "+" on the right of "Graphics" and "Calls by advisor" section. These boards are affected by the date selected in the upper right hand corner and by the filters in the "Leads" board.