Authorized roles: Director, BDC director and commercial director.

Steps to follow:

1 - Click on the "Schedule" module.

2 - Select the day for which you want to change the schedule with the arrows in the upper left hand corner.

3 - Drag the advisors from the "Agents" section on the right to the "Schedule" section on the left.

4 - Once in the schedule, drag the advisors up and down to determine the start of their shift and drag & drop the "=" icon down to determine the end of their shift.

  • The "=" icon is at the bottom of the advisor's colored bar in the schedule.

5 - Do this for each advisor and for each day of the week.

How to remove an advisor from the schedule:

Click on the advisor's coloured bar then click onthat appeared on the top of the bar.

The schedule will affect the hour range during which the advisor will receive new leads.

  • Note that the advisor must also be in the flow and the "New lead received" profile option under "Lead Xpress" must be "Advisor schedule".