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Steps to follow:

1 - Download the "Activix CRM" app on Google Play or Apple Store.

2 - Open the application using your CRM access.

3 - Scan the bar code on the back of the driver's license.

4 - The lead will be created automatically with the driving license informations.

  • If the lead already exists, click on the blue "Créer" button to create a new lead or "Annuler" if you do not want to create a lead.

5 - It is possible to add a picture of the driver's license in the notes of the customer card by clicking on "Ajouter une photo aux notes".

6 - Take the picture and click on "OK" if the picture suits you or click on "Réessayer" to take a new picture.

7 - Click on the name of the lead to access his customer card.