Purpose of the "Flow" module:
The "Flow" module is used to set priorities when a lead enters the CRM.

  • Priorities have an impact on the user's alerts and notifications.

How it works:

1 - When a lead enters the CRM, it follows the flow according to its division (new or used) and its type (WebBoost, Phone up or Lead Xpress).

2 - The system notifies and freezes the lead for advisors in priority #1.

3 - If no one in priority #1 answers or processes the lead in the predetermined time (set up in the account), the system repeats step 2 for the advisors registered in priority #2.

How to configure the flow:

1 - Click on the small arrow next to the word "Flow" in the gray column on the left of the screen.

2 - Select the type of flow that needs to be modified (WebBoost, Phone up or Lead Xpress).

3 - Choose in which division the flow should be modified.

  • It is possible to change division after its selection by clicking on the name of the division at the top right of the screen.

4 - Drag the desired users into the targeted priority.

  • You can add a priority by clicking the "Add a priority" button or delete a priority by clicking "Delete a priority".

5 - The flow is saved automatically.

6 - Configure alerts to your preferences. See: Select notifications