A WebBoost is a web lead containing a valid phone number. This type of lead will generate a phone call to advisors in the WebBoost flow allowing them to get in touch with the customer as quickly as possible.

How it works:

1 - Configure your user profile for the reception of WebBoost leads.

  • Enter a valid phone number in your user profile. (If there is more than one phone number, make sure that "WebBoost is checked for at least one of them)
  • Advisors must be in the WebBoost flow for the appropriate division.
  • Advisors must be in the schedule for the appropriate division.

2 - A WebBoost lead enters the CRM.
3 - The system immediately calls you. Upon answering, you are asked to press a key.
4 - You are now in communication with the customer.


Statistics boards can be viewed directly in the "WebBoost" module by clicking the "+" at the right of the "Leads by advisor" section. These boards are affected by the date selected in the upper right hand corner and by the filters in the "Leads" board.