Steps to follow:

1 - Go to the "Users" module and click on "+ Add".

2 - Enter the user's informations.

  • The email must be unique for each user account.

3 - Choose one or more divisions.

4 - Select "All my clients" as a dashboard.

  • If the user wants to change it, it will be possible to do it later.

5 - Enter a password and confirm it in the "confirmation" field.

6 - Select the user's role.

  • The role affects the user's permissions in the CRM, so it's important to select the right role.

7 - Select the user's gender.

8 - Select the user's title.

  • The title does not affect the user's permissions and will only be used in the user's signature in the CRM.

9 - Enter at least 1 phone number by clicking on the "+" button. If it is a cellphone number, check the "Cellphone" checkbox.

10 - If the user is part of a group, select it.

11 - Choose modules and options to which the user is entitled.

12 - At the top of the page, click on "Preferences" to select the user's notifications / alerts.

13 - Click on "Save".